Raw Milk – What’s It All About?

How long does raw milk last?
Raw milk lasts 3 days in a cold fridge (under 50c). Over time the cream in the milk will rise to the top….just shake the carton to redistribute the cream and enjoy.

Can you freeze raw milk?
Yes you can, so if you’re travelling a long way to Delph House Farm to buy your raw milk, it’s worth buying a few pints to stock up the freezer!

Can everyone drink raw milk?
The Food Standards Agency recommends that children, the elderly and anyone with a potentially lower immune responses should not have raw milk including pregnant women.

By law we have to display the following wording: ‘Our raw milk has not been heat treated and may therefore contain organisms harmful to health’

What are your cows fed and are they given antibiotics?
Our cows eat fresh grass in the summer and grass silage in the winter. They are given antibiotics when they need them. Their milk is not used during any period of antibiotic use. When a cow no longer given antibiotics there is a withdrawal period during which their milk cannot be used. We not only follow the guideline but we add on an extra two days to be very safe.

Are your cows tested for TB?
Our herd has always been Tuberculosis (TB) free. Today’s herds are milked in a hygienic environment using equioment that is kept sterile. We pay great attention to the hygiene in our milking parlour and ensure that strict bacteria tests conducted on the milk by the Food Standards Agency are met. Our milk is regularly analysed and the milking parlour is regularly inspected to ensure that the cleanest milk is produced and all the benefits of the good bacteria are kept.