Welcome to Raw Milk
at Delph House Farm

Welcome to Delph House Farm, nestled in the heart of the Pennine Yorkshire countryside, with a dairy farming heritage handed down through generations of our Holmes family.

We live and work on the farm, to look after our happy herd of Holstein Friesian cows, (or ‘girls’ as we like to call them), which graze on the fresh pasture of the rolling green fields here in our beloved corner of Yorkshire.

We’ve been brought up to know that the more care and attention we give our cows, the better the milk tastes! So we always make sure they’re well looked after, with lush fresh grass to feed on and a soft, dry bed to rest on in our barn when they need it.

We take pride in the welfare of our healthy cows and know each by their individual personality. (This one seen here is particularly nosey).

We milk our ‘girls’ twice a day for their lovely, fresh milk and today we’re proud to sell our raw, unpasteurised milk here at Delph House Farm.”

Louise & Jeremy Holmes

Our Raw Milk

What is raw milk? Raw milk is a natural product. It’s milk straight from the cow that has not been pasteurised or homogenised. The milk from our Friesian Holstein herd at Delph House Farm is just triple filtered and chilled here on the farm and filled straight into our vending machine. Pop by and fill a milk carton fresh!

Raw milk tastes delicious and is packed full of vitamins A, B, C and D that can be damaged or destroyed during the pasteurisation process. It’s seen as one of the best sources of calcium and may also be beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Raw mik is sought after by cleaning eating Paleo diet enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts and people wishing to make real butter ghee, along with those of us who remember and want to enjoy good old green top milk!

“We’ve been brought up to know that the more care and attention we give our cows, the better the milk tastes!”

– Louise and Jeremy Holmes



How To Buy Our Raw Milk

Come to Delph House Farm and look for our ‘Raw Milk Station’ (situated adjacent to ‘The Parlour’ – the Yummy Yorkshire coffee shop). In the shed you’ll find our raw milk vending machine. Simply take one of our milk cartons provided and follow the simple steps on the vending machine.

Our raw milk costs £1 for 1 litre and £2 for 2 litres. Cartons are available free of charge for vending.

Where To Find Us

Our address is:
Delph House Farm
High Flatts
Denby Dale
West Yorkshire

Telephone: 01226 762551

Email: rawmilk@delphhousefarm.co.uk

Opening times: Monday-Sunday 9am-7pm

Contact Us

Delph House Farm, High Flatts, Denby Dale,
Huddersfield, HD8 8XY

Tel: 01226 762 551
Email: rawmilk@delphhousefarm.co.uk

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